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PharmaPac has now developed into a full-service manufacturer, packer and distributor to the vapour industry. Whenever members of the tobacco industry complain about the increasing restrictions on their products, they should perhaps thank their lucky stars that they are not working in the pharmaceutical or vapour industry. The latter sector is even more highly regulated, with rules covering the entire life cycle of a drug, including physicians, wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers. Until the early years of the new millennium, the only point of contact between the two sectors was that some pharmaceutical companies provided nicotine-replacement therapy (NRT) products. E-cigarettes brought the industries

PharmaPac has today announced that they have successfully completed the transition audit to the ISO 13485:2016 medical devices Quality Management System (QMS).   To qualify for the certification, PharmaPac has shown BSI auditors that their infrastructure, quality processes and systems comply with the revised quality management system standard. The rigorous 2 day inspection covered all aspects of the PharmaPac business, operations and quality systems.   The contract manufacturer has always regarded quality and compliance as paramount and the upgrade of this standard from their previous ISO 13485:2012 certification gives further assurance to customers that PharmaPac has the quality assurance systems, experience and trading record