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Cara Leach, Commercial Manager

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Given our facilities, expertise, services and accreditations we are ideally placed to deliver a wide range of consultancy services. We can help design, innovate and optimise processes for manufacturing, filling and packing for any products within the in the tobacco replacement product category.


We are a trusted partner and respected industry leader providing a comprehensive range of outsourced quality contract manufacturing services and offer unparalleled experience in helping you at different entry points on projects to add significant value in any of Solution areas below:

  • New Product Conceptualisation
  • Small Batch Sampling
  • Commercial Launch
  • Correctional Services


A collaborative approach with our Quality, Operational and Commercial team members allows us to quickly create efficiencies in your project in areas such as:

  • Manufacturing and Packing Processes optimisation and Validation
  • Machinery design (and labour requirements) optimisation and Validation
  • Supply Chain Management Plan
  • Quality Audit on Suppliers or Products
  • Certification to Market
  • Quality Release to Customer