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Future proofing the tobacco harm
reduction industry

We are on a mission. A mission to support public health bodies, regulators and our Customers to ensure that the alternative therapies and products created to reduce the harm associated with tobacco are developed and manufactured to pharmaceutical standards.

Why? Because a high-quality product gives our Customers a guarantee of safety and the confidence to design and offer a wider range of products for end users.

Solution Areas

Providing you with end-to-end solutions, with over 20 years experience in the industry.

Product Development

For over 20 years we have helped global Customers shape their product portfolios by working with them through the product development cycle.


We have helped Customers innovate, developing new technologies and processes for a successful product launch.


From early on in any project we have a collaborative approach with dedicated team members from the Quality, Operational and Commercial areas of our business involved at every step of the decision-making process to create efficiencies throughout the project and ensure any products are compliant, meet budget requirements and are released on time.


Small Batch Production

With our extensive experience in Contract Manufacturing, we give you access to a wealth of product and process development, quality assurance and production expertise to design cost-effective solutions for small production runs for pilot studies.


Our state of the art facilities can easily and quickly be adapted to create a dedicated area with an appropriate classification to suit your manufacturing requirements and ensure a fast turnaround for each production run.


We will offer advice to ensure that you make the necessary considerations for transition into large-scale commercial manufacturing whilst meeting your small production run objectives.


Commercial Launch

With an unrivalled track record of commercial manufacturing for Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Healthcare products, Veterinary, Nutraceutical Products and Medical Devices we have applied the same high-quality standards to support the commercialisation of a variety of tobacco harm reduction products and offer a level of service not matched in the industry.


This pioneering approach gives our Customers a guarantee of safety and the confidence to design and offer a wider range of products to the end users.


We can help as much or as little as you like – with a dedicated team covering all commercial, quality and operational functions we can ensure you get the support you need for a successful commercial launch.


Corrective Consultancy

With a strong heritage in pharmaceutical contract manufacturing standards within a heavily regulated environment, our team is familiar with the common issues that brand owners face when developing and launching alternative therapies for tobacco products.


We welcome any opportunity to support Customers and ensure they achieve their goals.


We can meet the needs of any Customer at different entry points on the project to add significant value.

Our Services



PharmaPac Ventures’ decades of experience and technological know-how in manufacturing a wide variety of bulk materials in the pharmaceutical sector, whether it be liquids, creams, gels, oils, salts or powders.



With a broad range of equipment and our 300+ GMP trained workforce, we have significant experience in handling multiple bulk formats (liquids, creams, gels, oils, salts or powders) and packing them into a variety of packaging.

packing 3


Our insights and 20 years’ experience in pharmaceutical contract manufacturing enable us to provide packaging solutions with a dedicated workforce of 300+ GMP trained operatives.


Project Management

With experience and technological know-how in manufacturing, filling and packing products your project manager will coordinate every process in each phase of your programme to meet your timelines and budget.



Given our facilities, expertise, services and accreditations we are ideally placed to deliver a wide range of consultancy services. We can help design, innovate and optimise processes for manufacturing, filling and packing for any products.

Shelves full of boxes in a warehouse.


We pride ourselves in being able to give a customer a platform in which they can develop and grow within our 100,000 sq ft facility where we can set up tailor-made environments with a variety of classifications.


Years MHRA Licenced Facility


cGMP Trained Operatives


Pharmaceutical and Tobacco Customer Base


Manufacturing & Production Lines


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